At the heart of Utile’s infrastructure development activities lies our focus to have high level of operational hygiene and efficiency. A fine tuned infrastructure helps us deliver products quickly and with high levels of quality. It also help us have saving on our operational costs which we pass onto our client in form of very competitive development prices. In continuation of our effort to keep making our infrastructure better and better, Utile recently moved to a new facility in Sterling, Virginia.

Overall the Utile infrastructure boasts of some best in the class facilities, that will ensure that you never have to worry about any infrastructure and instead completely be focused with us on creating the next generation software products.

Highlights of our delivery center:

  • Hardware - Dedicated high-end Servers; standardized Desktops and laptops
  • Software - Original copies of OS, enterprise level development, testing and office productivity tools
  • Enterprise Networking - Scalable Network architecture and systems - High availability Gigabit Switches- for collaborative product engineering and Distributed Project Management
  • Independent Printing facilities - Network printers
  • Centrally managed Telecommunication and Video Conferencing Facility
  • Uninterrupted Backup Power

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