DotNetNuke (known as DNN) is a web content management system (WCM or CMS), which is a cutting edge technology which enables a programmer to build an application and rich website in Microsoft .NET.
DotNetNuke (DNN) Consulting

If you have a need for an inhouse DNN specialist for a specific job or just an assistance to develop a certain feature or an inhouse team to develop a complete solution based on DNN, we have our team ready. They love challenges and are experienced in working with DNN and other integrated technologies. Talk to us and understand how our team can be of help.

DotNetNuke Programming

DNN Module Development

They are the functional blocks of any application built on DNN. Our team is experienced in developing complex modules with several technologies integrated. Our understanding of the DNN APIs and integrating them with other tools like telerik and LLBLGenpro would deliver all the promises of DNN and much more.

DotNetNuke Skinning

DNN skinning requires both website designing and Htmlizing web sites. Our experts would help guide you to develop sitemaps, layouts and skins for DNN with ease. We can act as one stop shop for all your web needs from the DNN perspective.

SaaS Product Development

Building commercial products (and not just websites) is an art and building it with DNN requires experience along with it. At Chimera you would realize how we utilize DNN to build solutions for customers seeking SaaS products.

Content Managed Web Sites

This is what probably DNN was built far and far exceeds our expectations. Personalizable,Configurable, user friendly. Period. If we need an opensource .Net based content management system, then DNN is the right solution.

Web Application Development

There are several ways to look at DNN. A progammers tool kit, a signature web application framework, out of the box CMS, the open source .net web application standard. However we look at it, DNN emits Websites and Web applications. Harnessing its power and the community power is the key to build solutions on top of it. Many of our solutions based on DNN have Wowed our customers. Let us know what your need is and you are sure to be thrilled at the power of DNN that can be utilized.

DotNetNuke Offshore Support

Product Development

While DNN offers many benefits, leveraging this and providing offshore services is something that we always relish. Coupled with the cost benefits that offshoring provides, platform based services like DNN provide the icing on the cake. If you have an idea about a software product and want to outsource it to a mature organization then chimera should definitely be on your wish list.We could either work along with your team(s) or can act independantly to develop software solutions.
Offshore is beneficial only when executed in appropriate fashion. Understand how our offshore practices could help you.

Maintenance & Enhancements

Have an existing application build on DNN? Looking out for someone who could handle its newer versions? Looking out for someone to work along with your team? Our staff, who understand the language of offshore along the technology would be very helpful to work with.

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