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Utile enables you to migrate your existing products to a SaaS model, as well as build new ones from the ground up.

Most established software vendors are being forced to determine how to revamp their legacy application business models to join the SaaS movement. According to Gartner, a third of all software vendors will transition to a SaaS model in the next three years, and 40% of new applications will be built on it; which means if you are not on the SaaS platform, your competition might soon be.

While the benefits to both end users and SaaS vendors themselves are obvious, transitioning is not a simple challenge. SaaS applications are fundamentally different in architecture, involving scalable, configurable, multi-tenant architectures. They also have higher complexity in terms of ensuring reliability, performance, and security.

To adapt, companies need to go back to the drawing board to modernize their legacy architecture and reinvent their application roadmap. Key dimensions dictate the success of on-demand services. Translating these key dimensions into your product architecture requires planning, sustained focus, and execution skills.
SaaS Services
Utile’s service portfolio helps partners choose point solutions based on their needs or engage in an end-to-end transformation. Designed to lower risks, these solutions help you get started and add pace to your delivery as well as lower risks and constraints.

Transformation roadmap definition workshops, Architecture design sessions, Proof of Concept engagements, Integration design and execution, including building adapters for other applications, Co-engineering horizontals spanning performance, UX, security, cross browser support, multi device portability, etc, Infrastructure optimization solutions, Test automation for SaaS, Professional services for customization, Professional services for support.
Technology Competency Windows Platform, LAMP stack, RIA based APIs, Silverlight, Flash and Flex, Middleware platforms, database tools and products, e-mobility platforms, as well as EAI, BPM, and content management suites.

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